Australian Freight Councils Network

Freight Councils operate within each State of Australia. These Councils are jointly funded by Australian and State Governments with support from the Australian Logistics Industry. They provide a unique, industry driven forum bringing together all players within Australia’s freight logistics chains. Collectively, the Councils are known as the Australian Freight Councils Network (AFCN).

A key role of the AFCN is to identify and address constraints and impediments to the efficient operation of supply chains and Australia’s Transport and Logistics industry generally.

Freight Councils can add value to industry and governments by facilitating the exchange of information and raising industry awareness of government initiatives and regulations. They are also well placed at the operational level to conduct specific research projects involving small and medium enterprises and freight forwarders in regional areas.

The AFCN supports the implementation of the new National Strategy for the Transport and Logistics Freight Industry – Enhancing Australias Supply Chains 2008-15.